Feredet TabletsFeredet contains Sodium Feredetate (Iron chellate), Folic Acid and vitamin B12. It is used in treatment of iron deficiency anemia especially during pregnancy.
It is superior than other iron preparation as it offers 2.5 times higher iron bioavailability (Bypasses acidic stomach medium and absorbed in duodenum), enhances rapid rise in hemoglobin, minimal GI irritation and blackening of stool and its absorption is not affected by phytates and oxalates.
Feredetate adds value to food by increasing iron bioavailability. It increases absorption of non-haem iron in foods. It has no adverse effects with no iron overload observed. It also increases absorption of zinc from foods with low zinc bioavailability
Feredet is available as tablets formulated as nano gems which are easy to swallow. Dosage is one tablet daily.