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    South African-based JSE-listed Aspen is Africa's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and a major supplier of branded and generic pharmaceuticals

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    Beta Healthcare is situated in the heart of the Nairobi Industrial area. We recently relocated to a CGMP/WHO state of the factory on a five acre plot. This promises a tantamount contribution to the pharmaceutical industry in sub Saharan Africa. The advanced technology will means that Beta Healthcare will continue to provide value brands to the society.

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    Kama Industries Limited (KIL) is a private company incorporated in 1993 under the Companies Code 1963 of Ghana. KIL commenced operations in 2009 carrying on the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical products for sale on the Ghanaian market.

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    Aspen Pharmacare Nigeria Ltd was incorporated on 4th September 2012. It is a subsidiary of Aspen Group, SA which has a proud heritage of  more than 160 years’ operating in more than 150 countries across the world .
    Aspen Pharmacare Nigeria has its footprints in Nigeria, and its distributors cover all the 6 Geo political Zones of Nigeria.

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    Beta Healthcare Uganda Ltd - An Aspen Group Company.

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    Aspen has a zero tolerance approach to unethical behaviour and is committed to ensuring that the Group and its employees uphold Aspen's laudable reputation.Ethics Management & Tip Offs

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    Terms and Conditions of Trade between Beta Healthcare International Limited (“Beta”) and the person or entity purchasing the Products from Beta(“Customer”)


World Pharmacist Day
Aspen Agrees to Make J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in South Africa
Aspen Agrees to Make J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in South Africa

Aspen Agrees to Make J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in South Africa By Janice Kew  November 2, 2020,...

Successful 2020 Financial Year despite unprecedented challenges
Our COVID 19 Heroes - Our Nationa's Doctors, Nurses & Support Staff
Commemoration of World Pharmacist’s Day
Commemoration of World Pharmacist’s Day

Commemoration World Pharmacist’s Day

PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019
PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019

Shelys Pharmaceuticals Limited winner of the top Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Award, in the sector...