emal-150It is an original a-ß arteether a potent three injection therapy. It is used in treatment of P. falciparum malaria.
Has a cure rate of up to 100 % with no adverse effects.
It is available in ampoules of different dosages. Emal 1 (75mg/ml), Emal 2 (150mg/2ml) and Emal 3 (225mg/3ml)




emal 2

Feredet_syrupFeredet syrup contains Sodium Feredetate 231 mg/ 15 ml. It is a yellow coloured non-viscous transparent solution.
It has no metallic taste and doesn’t stain teeth. Has a delicious cherry flavour.

It is available in 200 ml bottles.

Feredet TabletsFeredet contains Sodium Feredetate (Iron chellate), Folic Acid and vitamin B12. It is used in treatment of iron deficiency anemia especially during pregnancy.
It is superior than other iron preparation as it offers 2.5 times higher iron bioavailability (Bypasses acidic stomach medium and absorbed in duodenum), enhances rapid rise in hemoglobin, minimal GI irritation and blackening of stool and its absorption is not affected by phytates and oxalates.
Feredetate adds value to food by increasing iron bioavailability. It increases absorption of non-haem iron in foods. It has no adverse effects with no iron overload observed. It also increases absorption of zinc from foods with low zinc bioavailability
Feredet is available as tablets formulated as nano gems which are easy to swallow. Dosage is one tablet daily.

HEMOLOK_SolutionHemolok solution contains Feracrylum, a polyacrylic polymer. It is used during surgery from incision to healing.
It has incomparable 3 way action in wound care:
a. Antimicrobial activity – Active against both gram –ve and gram +ve bacteria, antifungal activity and decreases risk of wound infection.
b. Haemostatic action – Forms a biodegradable complex with albumin creating a barrier, stops capillary oozing in 2-3 minutes, it is non allergic with no systemic absorption.
c. Hygroscopic action – Maintains a moist environment at wound site hence faster healing and easy dressing removal. Promotes growth of healthy granulation tissue.
It ensures a clean field of surgery, helps to identify major bleeders, reduces frequency of cauterization and post surgical drainage and hence minimizes need for transfusion.
Its is available in form of a solution ( 1% w/v Feracrylum), gel as 50 gm and 15 gm tubes (1% w/w Feracrylum) and tulle ( 3% w/v Feracrylum)