Malither InjectionMalither Injection contains:

Artemether …………………80mg

Arachis Oil BP …………...... Q.S.

Artemether is active against all Plasmodia including those which may be resistant to other antimalarials. Theschizonticidal activity of artemether is mainly due to destruction of the asexual Erythrocytic forms of P.falciparum and P.vivax. This is inhibition of protein synthesis during growth of trophozoites. There is no cross resistance with chloroquine. After intramuscular administration peak plasma concentrations are attained within about 6 hours.

Malither Injection is indicated in severe malaria including cerebral malaria and as a second line drug in chloroquine resistant malaria cases only.

Each pack of Malither Injection contain 6 x 1ml ampoules.



Sepgard GelSepgard gel contains 1%w/w Feracrylum. Helps in fast and effective wound healing
It has incomparable 3 way action in wound care:
A. Antimicrobial activity – Active against both bacteria and fungi, ruptures microbial cell wall causing cell lysis
B. Haemostatic action – Forms a biodegradable complex with albumin and fibrinogen creating a barrier, provides artificial coagulation which stops capillary oozing.
C. Hygroscopic action – keeps wounds moist and ensures smooth removal of dressing.
Sepagard gel is available in tubes.

RT Sunate injIt is an injection containing artesunate. It is used in management of severe malaria in emergency situations.
i. Fast onset of action - peak plasma concentrations at 30 minutes
ii. Speedy recovery – median parasite clearance time is 17 hours and patient takes oral medicines as fast as 24 hours.
iii. Saves life – mortality reduced by 35 %.
RTsunate injection is available in 60 mg vials.

Terpect Syrup contains Bromhexine Hydrochloride, Guaiphenesin and Terbutaline Sulphate.

Perfect solution for productive cough, easy to administer, pocket friendly and provides for timely dosing.
It presents as syrup of either 60 or 100 ml.